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Chili Sale Success!

Dec 2, 2023

The Chili Sale was a huge success! We made over 400 sales and raised over $8,000!

The turn-out of crew parent and family support was incredible. Twenty-nine families cooked chili and 24 were awarded a 2023 Chili Champion apron for making 12 or more quarts. Another 21 families volunteered on-site and a total of 22 families took on more than one role of cooking, volunteering at the sale, buying chili and/or making a donation.

In addition, our coaches organized athlete support and also stopped by multiple times to support the sale and the team. The help of our crew athletes was tremendous. They unloaded and transported supplies and chili, set-up Sam’s Bar, served customers, walked around the Christmas House Tour with signs advertising the sale, and were instrumental in clean-up and reloading supplies into cars on late Saturday afternoon.  Thanks to the athletes for your enthusiasm and hard work!

Kudos to our incredible rowing community and thank you again for your contributions to CCCRC! 

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