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Winter Crew Conditioning will be offered to students mid-November and runs until Spring Crew begins at the end of February. Crew Conditioning will be held 5 days per week with possible training on Saturdays. 


Crew conditioning is a program that fulfills the sports requirement for STA and NCS. STA Form III (Freshmen) are not eligible for crew conditioning and must join another sport for the winter. The goal is to prepare the athletes for the spring racing season

The fee for crew conditioning will be around $400.

Some financial assistance may be available for students currently receiving financial aid. NCS parents seeking assistance should contact Wendy Wilkinson, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, at 202-537-6682.  STA parents should contact the financial aid office at 202-537-6440. Make contact at the start of the season and well in advance of any payment deadline.

Please contact Ted Haley for STA questions and Judith Vogel for NCS questions. 

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