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We are so thankful for the many parents who give their time and money to help CCCRC build another generation of rowers and leaders. Our program includes training during spring break, competing in regattas, and ensuring all equipment is safe and in top condition to help our teams succeed. Our budget includes insurance and maintenance expenses for our fleet of nine boats as well as six launches and a boat trailer, coaching staff salaries and travel expenses, boat storage, and purchases to replace outdated equipment. Our operating budget is over $250,000 every year, $35,000 of which is met by our annual fund.


We count on the continued generosity of NCS and STA crew families to meet our budget objectives so we may continue to provide an outstanding crew program. Our voluntary contribution target is $500/family to help cover these expenses. We realize everyone’s situation is unique; some can give more, some less; we are thankful for each and every contribution, and are seeking 100% participation by May 31.

Please make a tax-deductible contribution to CCCRC by sending a check to:


(please write Annual Fund in the memo line)

PO Box 9782

Washington, DC 20016


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