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A lot of planning and work goes into a regatta and we need help from parents!

Soon after the season kick-off meeting in early March, you will receive an email from our volunteer coordinators. We ask that every family sign up for at least six (6) volunteer slots over the course of the season. You will have fun, get to know other parents and kids, and you should not miss any of your child’s races.  

Thank you in advance for your help! The rowers truly appreciate all that is done for them and we cannot make this program work without you.

Volunteering falls into three buckets:

Regatta Hospitality 
CCCRC has a hospitality tent at each regatta with food and drinks for our teams.  There are about 70 rowers and six coaches who rely on the hospitality tent. The tents, ice chests, tables, food, drinks, and supplies are usually set up about an hour before the start of each regatta. We need 6 people to pitch our large 10×20 tent and help set it up, then one parent will manage the area by keeping it tidy and stocked. Parents sign up to supply food, drinks and ice. At the end of the day, several parents are needed to break everything down, clean up, and pack up. The logistics for delivering tables, coolers, tent(s) and supplies will be communicated by the Hospitality Coordinator. 

Assisting with the running of regattas

This varies from race to race, and may include being a finish line timer, stake boat holder, or launch driver. To be a launch driver, you must be certified by completing an online course and coming out in the launch with one of the coaches prior to race day. The coaches will walk you through the ins and outs of launch set up and let you do some driving. They will also point out things to avoid on the Potomac. Details on how to be a boathouse volunteer and more specific descriptions of the jobs will be available closer to the crew season.

Pasta Dinners
These dinners usually take place on Friday nights before regattas to provide camaraderie and carbo loading. The host family offers their house and coordinates the event. The host can opt to recruit three or four other parents to help provide the food, serve and clean up, etc. Food typically includes pasta dishes of your choice, bread, salad, drinks and dessert for about 70 rowers and their coaches. 


Thank you for your generosity of time, talent, and spirit in feeding the rowers, helping to the build the teams and making sure the regattas happen. See you on the river!

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