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Crew at NCS and STA is a club sport, which means parents of students on the team pay all expenses. This includes coaches’ salaries, insurance, rental of boats and equipment storage space at Thompson Boat Center, the purchase and maintenance of the club’s eight shells, five motor launches, trailer and other equipment and numerous other items such as the costs of two major out-of-town regattas (Stotesbury and Nationals). This season’s budget is approximately $250,000. 

The following are the costs you can expect for the season. For those on financial aid the school will cover the same percentages as for tuition.


Winter Conditioning:  $400

Spring Dues: $1,600

Spring Training Trip (includes airfare,hotel, transportation, all meals, Spring break shirt and practice Uni): approx. $1,600

Uniforms: $150 (new rowers only)

Stotesbury:  (includes transportation, hotel, and all meals) approx. $800

Nationals: TBD

  1. Some financial assistance may be available for students currently receiving financial aid from the schools. NCS parents seeking assistance should contact Rebecca Durango, Director of Enrollment and Financial aid at 202-537-6328. STA parents should contact the financial aid office at 202-537-6440. Make contact at the start of the season and well in advance of any payment deadline.

  2. Families who wish to pay CCCRC fees on a schedule are welcome to do so.  Please contact the CCCRC Treasurer to make arrangements.

  3. All fees are non-refundable after two weeks.  If an athlete decides to drop out of crew conditioning or spring rowing, a refund can only be honored if notice is given within the first two weeks.

  4. Stotesbury Regatta on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia. Fee covers rower expenses including transportation, lodging for two nights, meals, registration fees, and team tent. Parents and spectators will cover their own costs separately.

  5. Nationals Regatta: Limited to qualifying first varsity boats at either school because of exam schedule conflicts. Teams will need to qualify by winning or placing second in the WMIRA Championships. Fee covers bus transportation, lodging, meals and registration fee for rower. Parents and other spectators will cover their own costs separately.

  6. Required fees do not completely cover all annual club expenses. Each family is encouraged to voluntarily contribute to the annual fund, to the extent it reasonably can, to help fill the gap. The club understands that different families can afford different amounts and appreciates whatever each family can contribute. Annual fund contributions are tax deductible.

* Prices are subject to change, estimates are shown

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