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The Combined Cathedral Crews Rowing Club (CCCRC) is a non-profit organization formed in 1993 to provide a rowing program at Saint Albans (STA) and National Cathedral (NCS) Schools and is run by a combination of volunteer parents and part-time coaches. In the beginning, CCCRC’s program averaged 35 rowers, four rented shells, and two coaches each season. Now, we average 70 rowers, five coaches, and eight shells owned by CCCRC.

Rowing with CCCRC is a formative experience for our rowers, something they will never forget and that will shape their lives beyond high school. Our rowers perform at an outstanding level in local and national competitions and many go on to row in college. All of our rowers  learn about leadership, their potential and ability to achieve, sportsmanship, discipline, commitment and cooperation. 

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