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TBC Racing

Many of our rowers train in the summer with TBC Racing at Thompson Boat Center. Elliot Lane, Director of Rowing at TBC, is the head coach. This program is a big time commitment but it produces big results in increased strength and fitness, provides a lot of racing experience in a variety of events, and extends your rower's community beyond the Cathedral schools. 

St. Albans Summer Rowing Camps  

One week camps for boys and girls that take place at Thompson Boat Center, with drop off and pick up at St. Albans. Participants are coached by current rowers and and CCCRC coaches.


TC Williams Summer Rowing

90 minutes M-F first thing in the mornins in Old Town Alexandria, allowing time to plan another camp or activity for your child.


Novice Sweep program at Thompson Boat Center  

This is for kids in grades 6-9 who want to learn sweep rowing (one oar/rower, that's the format our team rows) in preparation for joining a team.

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