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I’ve never rowed crew before. Can I still try out for the team?

Most freshman athletes are new to crew, though some freshman may have had some experience at a crew camp or other summer programs.

How do I try out?

Crew tryouts typically occur towards the end of February. Everyone is learning and training together and evaluation is ongoing. The coaches will finalize team rosters before the spring season begins. 

When does the season start and when are the rosters selected?

Crew tryouts typically occur towards the end of February. The athletes begin learning and training in the erg room and evaluation is ongoing. The St. Albans and NCS teams race a 1st and 2nd Varsity 8 and a Freshman 8. There may also be an additional 4-person or 8-person boat that competes. Freshman will be competing for seats on the Freshman 8, and everyone else will be working towards making a seat in one of the varsity shells.  Athletes are placed in boats based on their erg scores and their rowing effectiveness on the water. Coaches finalize the boat rosters  before spring season begins. Once the racing season begins lineups may be adjusted.

If I make the team, what is my season like?

Practice is Monday-Friday from 3:30 to 5:30/6:00 and Saturdays, when there is no regatta scheduled. You will help to load boats on and off the trailer for regattas, rig and de-rig them, and unload them at the boathouse at the end of the day. There are pasta parties before each regatta, and lots of fun along with the hard work. Crew forges strong friendships.

Tell me about practice…how do I get there? What do I wear? Do we row in the rain?

Practice is at the Thompson Boat House. A bus to takes you between school and Thompson Boat House. Wear layers (base, fleece, wind) because it is colder on the water than on land. Loose clothing can get caught on the oars so wear spandex shorts/trou and close fitting tops. Synthetic fibers and smartwool are good; cotton is not. Bring food, drink and dry clothes for afterwards. Always have running shoes. Sometimes you will row in the rain, if safe. In the case of bad weather, you may practice indoors on the ergs. 

I want to row in college. How and when do I start this process?

Spring of your sophomore year is a good time to talk with your coach about your rowing goals. Here is a very informative article from U.S. Rowing with specific details about the college recruiting process.

I have other questions. Who do I ask?

If you’re at STA, speak with Coach Haley. If you’re at NCS, speak with Coach Vogel. If you’re a parent, contact CCCRC and we will help you figure out the right person to answer your question.​

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