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Who organizes and manages all the crew team activities?

The Combined Cathedral Crews Rowing Club, a non-profit organization, was formed more than twenty five years ago to provide a rowing program at the National Cathedral and St. Albans Schools. It is run by parent volunteers and part-time coaches. Check out the About Us page and the links under that menu option for more information.

When does the season start and when are rosters selected?

Crew tryouts typically occur towards the end of February. The kids begin learning and training in the erg room and evaluation is ongoing. The St. Albans and NCS teams race a 1st and 2nd Varsity 8 and a Freshman 8. There may also be an additional 4-person or 8-person boat that competes. Freshman will be competing for seats on the Freshman 8, and everyone else will be working towards making a seat in one of the varsity shells. Athletes are placed in boats based on their erg scores and their ability to be effective on the water. Coaches finalize the roster by the before spring season begins. Once the racing season begins lineups may be adjusted.

Tell me about practice…how does my child get there and back? What do they need to bring?

Practice is at the Thompson Boat House, and athletes are brought to and from by bus (required). Rowers should wear layers (base, fleece, wind) because it is colder on the water than on land and always bring running shoes. Rowers should bring food, drink and dry clothes for afterwards. 

What are my volunteer obligations during the crew season?

The crew teams are largely parent-run so we need each family to pitch in to make sure our rowers are fed, fit and ready to compete. Find out more about our volunteer needs and requirements on the Volunteering page.

Is there a trip during spring break?

The crew team holds rigorous spring training during spring break. They start training in earnest for the season and it is especially important for freshman since they’ve never rowed together before. Spring training is both hard work and a major team building experience. Rowers are encouraged to attend the spring break trip - more information will be added as we have it.  More info here.

What is Stotesbury? Should I go?

The Stotesbury Regatta is a historic regatta on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia and the oldest and largest high school rowing competition. If you can go, GO. It is the highlight of the rowing season. And we will need all hands on deck! Read more about the plans for the Stotesbury Regatta as they become available. It will take place May 17-18th, 2024. 


What financial obligations do I have?

There are separate fees for crew conditioning, the spring season (team dues), uniforms, spring training, and overnight regattas such as Stotesbury and SRAA Nationals. The fees cover the coaching, equipment costs, storage rental, uniforms, travel/transportation/meal expenses for regattas, etc. These fees do not cover all of the costs associated with the crew program. We hope that families will contribute to the annual fund to the best of their ability and we appreciate all contributions made to this fund. For more information, visit  Fees and Contributions.


How will I communicate with the CCCRC?

The CCCRC uses Constant Contact emails for parents and coaches for announcements, regatta info, etc. All registered athletes' parents will be added to the list. Please feel free to contact individual board members or coaches with specific questions.

I’ve never been to a regatta. How do I get there? What do I need to bring?

Most regattas are on Saturdays, some are local and some are not. Directions are within the calendar event for each regatta or you can find a summary for all the regattas here.  You may want to bring:

  • Folding chair or blanket

  • Sunscreen, insect repellent

  • Binoculars (you can’t really get up close to see)

I have other questions. Who do I ask?

Email us with your questions and we will find the right person to help you.

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