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Walter Mess Race Report - NCS Freshman and 3V

By Rachael Gabbay & Chris Bennett, 04/13/18, 6:30PM EDT


The freshman girls had a great day on Saturday. The goal for their very first race was to make it down the course in one piece and to get a taste of the passion for racing in the process. It was clear they would achieve this goal when I launched them for their race as they all had this insane grin on their faces! These girls are definitely hungry for some racing. The crew learned a few important lessons about getting your point at the starting line and being ready for the start, but still managed to row a clean and impressive race. We are very eager to get back on the water and put our lessons into action so that we can raise our expectations of performance.

Race 37: 01:52 PM W-FR-8 Flight 1
5th Oakton 07:30.3
4th Colgan 07:07.6
3rd Langley 06:54.6
2nd L. Braddock 06:45.5
1st NCS 06:12.9

Race 38: 01:59 PM W-FR-8 Flight 2
5th Robinson 07:34.9
4th Jefferson 06:57.0
3rd Woodbridge 06:53.6
2nd W. Springfield 06:41.7
1st Yorktown 06:10.7

The 3rd Varsity 8 race was a nail-biter that ended in a victory for National Cathedral by about half a boat length over a strong Washington and Lee crew.  The NCS 3V had a rough start and were down by a significant margin in the first 100 meters.  But, they settled in and went after the body of the race hard, taking seats in bunches, and had taken a lead midway through the race.  Coming down the last 500 meters of the course, the Cathedral crew was up by over a length, but Washington and Lee took off in a furious sprint in an attempt to snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat.  However, our NCS 3V are racers, and could not even contemplate letting a crew walk back through them.  Despite not having practiced a sprint this season, the NCS 3V brought up their rating, threw up a bunch of white water, and prevailed with a two second victory.  Many lessons were learned, and the 3V is looking to take on a new level of competition.

Race 34: 01:31 PM W-3-8 Flight
5th Jefferson 07:31.7
4th Colgan 07:13.0
3rd TC Williams 06:40.6
2nd W-L 06:24.0
1st NCS 06:22.0