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Henley Fundraiser 80% of the way there! Thank you!!!

By Cat Phelps, 05/24/17, 10:30PM EDT


Can you help us go the rest of the way?

THANK YOU to the many of you who have donated to the Help Us Get to Henley fundraiser this year in addition to through our Paypal button! Check out the Help Us Get to Henley list

Jack Abeel David, Diane, Della and Jake Bradt Bill and Emma Roberts
The Berber Family Lisa Ghorbani Steve Whisnant
Avecita Chicchon Charlotte Farley Darrell Crate
Finish Line Shell Repair Jan and Peter Alten Jeb Boasberg
Kathy Smart RBKennelly The Grigorian Family
Sam Reid Christy and Jim Donovan Ed Crocker
Hmlinen Matti Hongyu Yang Husnal Gill
Kelsey Slaughter Philippe Mastroyannis Trish Peva

And thank you to Hugh Jia for setting up such a successful fundraiser. Our rowing community is truly generous! You've given 80% of our $8000 goal, there's just about $1400 to go. Here is the link one more time, please share with your family and others in the rowing community. We are ALMOST THERE! And so far, Ted hasn't had anyone take him up on tea...we cannot leave him hanging!