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Mark your calendars for Spring Training

By Christina Grigorian 11/30/2017, 7:15am EST

Crew Info Session coming up on November 16

By Kirsten Albers 10/09/2017, 8:45pm EDT

June 2017 Henley Trip Recap

By Ted Haley 07/07/2017, 9:45pm EDT

Congratulations Bulldogs! Bronze at SRAA Nationals!

By Cat Pheps 06/01/2017, 9:45pm EDT

Enjoy the photos! On to Henley...

Championship Season Recap for Varsity Girls Crew

By Greg King 06/01/2017, 9:30pm EDT

Henley Fundraiser 80% of the way there! Thank you!!!

By Cat Phelps 05/24/2017, 10:30pm EDT

Can you help us go the rest of the way?

STA Stotesbury Race Reports

By Ted Haley and Jameson Pesce 05/24/2017, 8:30pm EDT

Fastest Race at Stotesbury

By Cat Phelps 05/23/2017, 7:15pm EDT

STA 1V Semi-Finals Race Video...a must see! Great work Bulldos!

Stotesbury Video of NCS 2V Win

By Cat Phelps 05/23/2017, 7:00pm EDT

also by Evan Corcoran

Bulldogs at Stotesbury!

By Missy Cook 05/22/2017, 5:45pm EDT

Photos from the Regatta - Race Report to Come

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Displaying Results 1 - 10 of 42